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Schilderij van foto laten maken? Met ruim 10 jaar ervaring . Art blanco плитка

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Een schilderij in opdracht laten maken Elk schilderij is even dichtbij. Je favoriete schilderij van een oude meester of een prachtig schilderij of portret van je geliefde.

De meesterschilders van Art Blanco brengen het met vakkundige hand op het canvasdoek. Een bijzonder olieverfschilderij, bereikbaar voor iedereen. Kijk eens in onze online kunstgalerie en laat je door onze schilderijen inspireren.

Vorige week ons derde schilderij van Art Blanco ontvangen. En wederom heeft het onze verwachtingen overtroffen! Het is niet van het origineel te onderscheiden. De mensen achter Art Blanco houden zich aan de afspraken en de prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding is uitstekend.

Door: Albert en Barbera uit Den Haag

Mooi werk!

Erg mooi werk geleverd! Service was ook zeer goed.De manier om betaalbaar een schilderij aan te schaffen. En dan ook nog een sprecies zoals jij het wilt..

Ga zo door!!

Door: Monique uit Rotterdam


Het schilderij dat we bij jullie hebben gekocht is in 1 woord Super Heb voor mijn ouders het ouderlijk huis waar wij 26 jaar hebben gewoond met zn negenen laten schilderen omdat mijn ouders nadat wij allen het huis uit waren kleiner gingen wonen.We wisten hoe onze ouders gehecht waren aan die woning en dat hebben we nu dus laten vereeuwigen bij ArtBlanco waarvoor NOGMAALS DANK .

Groetjes en succes in de toekomst,

Door: Eveline uit Amsterdam


Wij hebben hier ongeveer een jaar geleden een portretschilderij van onze kinderen laten maken. De kwaliteit is uitstekend en de service perfect. We zijn er nog steeds erg blij mee en hebben daarom ook besloten een tweede schilderij te laten maken. Art Blanco bedankt ..
Met vriendelijke groeten

Door: Chantal en Gijsbert uit Utrecht


Voor de verjaardag van ons moeder wilde we graag iets bijzonders doen.Via het internet kwamen we uit bij artblanco. We lieten hen een schilderij maken van Pa.We zijn zeer tevreden met het resultaat. De service was top en het contact met Vincent ook плитка пвх 8 мм

Vincent bedankt! ( ook namens moeder )

Door: Juul uit Alkmaar

Solid Surface - Blanco Riverstone - 9137RS - Wilsonart

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BLANCO ATTIKA™ ELEVATED ELEGANCE This drop-in sink features a raised architectural rim that draws your eye like a piece of art. ATTTIKA™ is STEELART handcraftsmanship at its finest, and is sure to be a focal point in your kitchen. Available in two sizes.

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Tickets - Blanco Performing Arts

Blanco Renaissance Museum is an unofficial landmark in Ubud, the house and studio of the late flamboyant Philippine-born maestro, Don Antonio Blanco. Located on a hilltop overlooking the lush valley of Campuhan, it houses paintings, collages and illustrated poetry, together with lithographic artworks of his favourite subject: nude Balinese women.

The private residence and lavish studio has guided tours of the facility, with the artist’s family members hosting you if you’re lucky. The thought-provoking collections, lush garden surroundings and a fine restaurant established in the name of the artist’s late wife and muse all provide a great stopover on your trips to Ubud.

A five-minute drive westward from the Puri Saren royal palace and the main Ubud hub, the museum is hard to miss, on a hilltop above the Campuhan valley. A sharp turn and steep driveway leads you right up to the arched entrance gates. Inside is a large garden lawn and courtyard before the main palatial building that blends Balinese and Spanish architecture, a homage to Blanco’s heritage.

Admission is 50,000 rupiahs, which gets you a fresh welcome drink and access to the galleries, studios and grounds. Enter the main building, and a massive marble hall lined with Blanco’s artworks in lavish and unusual frames soon surrounds you. Many colourful nude portraits hang in this room, while out towards the studio you will see various collages with 60s-era paintings and paintbrushes and dried paint in front of an artwork in progress, most probably that of his son Mario, who follows his father’s passion in arts.

Here you will find only Blanco and his son’s works, there are no other artists’ collections. We recommend this museum strictly for adults and art lovers – not for children, apart from the palatial gardens and a collection of gorgeous parrots and other exotic birds in the courtyard.

Some of the art pieces occasionally bring a smile to your face; others a slight cringe. There are even some shady pieces with snippets of porn magazines overlaid with soapboxes, sand and seashells. Moreover, knowing that one of Blanco’s paintings was once sold for 5 billion rupiahs in Singapore in 2012 really makes you want to explore more of the displays. After the main gallery, you are guided through other studios, before exiting into a private parking shed.

There are several Blanco Litographs and books about Antonio Blanco available for purchase at the museum. The Blanco family provides personal tours of the museum and grounds. While visiting, the museum encourages visitors to take a stroll outside to the surrounding areas of the main building.

The Blanco Renaissance Museum features a range of facilities to aid your journey into the arts. A studio where Master Blanco used to paint as well as the gallery exhibiting Mario's works can be found inside.

The museum also features a gift shop, café and the Blanco’s family temple. The museum’s café features a cozy Balinese atmosphere and serves a range of European and Asian menus and snacks. The contiguous tropical gardens throughout its grounds are lush and enjoyable to spend even a full day visit at the museum.

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  • The Spa at Maya Ubud is a multi-award winning wellness centre, set amidst a quintessentially Balinese rainforest рейтинг кафельной плитки

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Antonio Blanco Antonio Blanco was born on September 15, 1911, in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Both of his parents were Spanish, a fact that Blanco believed linked him geographically and spiritually to Miro and Salvador Dali. His father settled in Manila during the Spanish - American War, where he attained prominence as a physician. Blanco was educated at the American Central School in Manila. During his high school years he loved the arts, literature and language classes but struggled in scientific subjects. It is no wonder that he spoke six languages - Spanish, French, English, Tagalog, Indonesian and a bit of Balinese. After completing high school in Manila, Blanco studied at the National Academy of Art in New York under Sidney Dickinson. During those early formative years, Blanco concentrated on the human form, fascinated by the female body more than any other subject matter. To further his studies and ignite his traveling spirit, he traveled extensively throughout the world before he finally landed in Bali in 1952.The King of Ubud gave Blanco a piece of land to set up his home and studio in Campuan, Ubud, at the confluence of two sacred rivers. Blanco and his Balinese wife, the celebrated dancer Ni Ronji, lived in their mountain retreat, barely leaving it for the world outside. Following a brief trip to the United States, where Blanco acquired many new collectors, the couple never left their fantasy home again.

Living in serene surroundings with his four children, Tjempaka, Mario, Orchid and Maha Devi, Bali became Blanco's center. He was fascinated by the island and completely captivated by its charm.

Blanco lived and worked in his magical hilltop home until his death in 1999, feverishly creating his fantasy portraits of beautiful women. Surrounded by lush gardens, rice fields and with a Banyan tree standing over his family's temple, Antonio Blanco proceeded to create a new reality for himself. His artistic outpourings of this isolated world became much sought after by eager art lovers, collectors and promoters. Within a few years, Blanco became the most famous foreign artist to make Bali his home. He was recognized in both Indonesia and abroad, receiving numerous Blanco Awardsand commanding huge prizes at international auctions.

By the end of his life, Blanco had begun building his museum at his studio in Campuan. Dramatically, he died just before its inauguration. His funeral was marked by a very important Blanco Cremationin Ubud. It was Blanco's dream to turn his studio-mansion into a museum. His son, Mario, fulfilled this dream by following his path to become a painter. The Blanco Renaissance Museum is now open to the public, exposing both the maestro's and Mario's art works. настенная плитка фиолетовая

To learn more about Antonio Blanco, purchase the book "Fabulous Blanco"

Schilderij van foto laten maken Met ruim 10 jaar ervaring .

“Jorge Blanco (b. 1945) is an international artist who has created a distinctive sculptural language over more than thirty years. His expressions on positive lifestyle are invitations to value its simplicity. Jorge creates soaring testaments to the optimism of everyday life. An abstracted figure prevails, that is at once recognizable and joyful, and has fast become Blanco’s trademark subject. Blanco has placed numerous public art sculptures in large format across the globe. In addition to public art, Blanco continues his life trajectory with collectible sculptures.”

– biography from JorgeBlancoSculpture.com

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